What Your Ice Cream-Eating Style Says About You

You know how they say, ‘You are what you eat?’

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You know how they say, ‘You are what you eat?’ We think you ice cream preferences prove that.

The moment your triple-scoop cone comes toppling down is absolutely soul-crushing, but not everyone lives through this experience — some (gasp) prefer the safety of cups. People have very specific ice cream habits. While many go for vanilla, others detest that “boring” option. Even more controversial are topping choices — fruit to fudge, people’s preferences reflect their personalities.

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If you always order a cone, it means you haven’t let go of that childlike spirit. Mess, shmess — you don’t worry about the grime, because if the ice cream is up to your standards, it won’t be around long enough to melt. Those “in a cup” folks are organized and most likely multi-taskers who need to have a free hand. They might also be a little commitment-phobic. After all, how can you be sure you will want all that cold, sweet, creamy ice cream? You need choices without ending up with a puddle of melted mess at your feet. There is one last subset of people who may prefer to remain anonymous: the straight-from-the-carton eaters. These are the people who just don’t care about ice cream etiquette. If you are going to eat the whole pint, why would you dirty a bowl?

Toppings — there are so many directions to go. The health-conscious eater reaches for fresh fruit, nuts, and, when feeling adventurous, some cashew butter. Those who pile on the sprinkles (or jimmies), fudge sauce, and whipped cream, truly live a carpe diem lifestyle. Life’s too short to only add one Oreo to the top of that cookies-and-cream sundae.

Whatever your preferences, there is at least one thing we all can agree upon: Ice cream in almost any form is simply delectable.



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