There’s a Clear Pumpkin Pie, and of Course It’s at Alinea

Instagram Is Obsessed With This Clear Pumpkin Pie

Fairy godfather Simon Davis has combined Cinderella's carriage and glass slipper in one dessert
There’s a Clear Pumpkin Pie, and of Course It’s at Alinea

Daylight saving time is just around the corner, which means we are well on our way to fall and everything wonderful that comes with it! These days, pumpkin spice is present no matter where you look — an ode to one of the most popular fall desserts (along with apple pie, of course): the one and only pumpkin pie. 

Most variations of pumpkin pie don’t stray too far from the fundamental elements: brown, flaky crust, orangey filling, and the ubiquitous white whipped cream on top. One restaurant, however, is showing pumpkin pie in a whole new light.

Simon Davis, chef de cuisine at the three-Michelin-star restaurant Alinea in Chicago, posted a preview of the pumpkin pie that might hit the menu sometime in “true fall” according to Davis’s Instagram. The tiny, miniature slice of pie seen in the short video is triangular and slice shaped, sure, but the crazy thing is that it is completely clear and of a seemingly gelatinous nature, all the way down to the normal-looking crust. It is topped with a tiny and perfect swirl of what we can only guess is whipped cream — though this is the notoriously playful Alinea after all, so things might not be as they seem.

Many who’ve seen the clip on Instagram have speculated as to how this tiny slice of pie was made, but all the chef has confirmed is that it is “barely gelled” in response to a question by the account @veritastavern: “is that gelatin you set it with or combination of hydrocolloids?”

Hopefully we will learn more about this unusual (and adorable) pumpkin pie once it is officially on the menu. In the meantime click here for 27 ways to get more pumpkin into your life!


Daisy Nichols is the Cook editor at The Daily Meal. She loves all things pie as long as they are delicious! Follow her on Instagram @bestbird.