Is There Really A Veggie Noodle That Is Better Than Pasta? Yes, We Discovered It

Maybe you've pinned beautiful, colorful images of spiraled vegetable noodles on Pinterest, shared recipes on Facebook, and retweeted them on Twitter, but is this healthy twist on pasta is as tasty as the hype would lead you to believe? Spoiler: it is.

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We love these creative vegetable noodles for fall and winter, but there is one in particular that has our attention: sweet potato. Sweet potato noodles are starchy enough to fool us into thinking we are, in fact, enjoying a bowl of delicious pasta.

You can invest in a fancy spiralizer to make beautiful, colorful vegetable noodles or simply use a peeler for thinner, wider noodles. Just slowly turn the vegetable, holding the peeler still in the other hand for long, beautiful pappardelle-like vegetable noodles.

Try sweet potato macaroni and cheese by making a simple béchamel sauce and adding your favorite cheese to it. Additionally, you can sauté mushrooms, and toss your sweet potato noodles in a brown butter and sage sauce.   

Experiment with fall vegetables and spiraling techniques to make dishes like this daikon ramen recipe or decide which vegetable noodles you think taste better than pasta.

Angela Carlos is the Cook Editor at The Daily Meal. Find her on Twitter and tweet @angelaccarlos.