Thanksgiving Recipes That Are Perfect for a Party of 2

Enjoy a scaled down turkey with all the fixings this year
Thanksgiving Dessert Advice

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Thanksgiving Recipes That Are Perfect for a Party of 2


Serve a stuffed turkey breast instead of a whole roasted turkey at your Thanksgiving for two.

When you are a party of two during the holidays, you might feel like the odd couple out, but that doesn’t mean your celebration can’t be as fine as any Thanksgiving feast.

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Even after days of Thanksgiving leftovers, most of that roasted turkey will most likely end up in the trash. Traditional Thanksgiving dishes are usually geared toward a large crowd, but there are plenty of ways to enjoy all of the classic Thanksgiving flavors at a table for two.

From stuffed turkey breast to Cornish game hens, there is more than one way to enjoy a scaled down Thanksgiving feast. Beyond main dishes, consider stuffing baked into individual muffin tins for easy portioning, and storage for leftovers. You can also scale back on mashed potatoes or sweet potato casseroles with baked and smashed potatoes that can easily be made for a smaller crowed.

Finish the meal with a delicious Thanksgiving pie or consider an alternative pumpkin dessert that breaks the classic pie mold.

This year, instead of spending extra money and time in the kitchen, consider these delicious Thanksgiving dinners designed for two.

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