Thanksgiving 101: How to Fry a Turkey Slideshow

Prep the Turkey


Begin with a clean, dry turkey, with the giblets and neck removed. The turkey should be room temperature before proceeding.

Season the Turkey


Rub the turkey with your preferred dried seasoning. Be sure to season the turkey thoroughly, both outside and inside the cavity, to ensure deep flavor.

Commence Frying


Fill the fryer no more than 3/4 full with peanut oil. Too much oil can cause a fire — do not overfill! Heat the oil to 350 degrees and carefully lower the turkey into the fryer, wearing an oven mitt to protect your hands.

Cook The Turkey


Calculate the cooking time at three minutes per pound plus five minutes per bird. (So a 20-pound bird would require 65 minutes of frying time.) Make sure the turkey remains fully submerged while it cooks and keep the temperature at 350 degrees while frying.

Safe Frying Practices


Be sure no children are near the frying pot at any time during frying. Put on oven mitts and an apron before removing the turkey.

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