Salmon Wellington And 7 Other Ways You Didn't Know You Could Cook Salmon

Salmon is like the holy grail of fish; it's prized for its high fat content (which helps retain moisture while it cooks), its rich, buttery texture, and its abundance of omega-3 fatty acids (which contribute to heart health and are essential for brain development), making it a smart and tasty choice for any meal. But this flavorful fish can quickly become ho-hum when repeatedly eaten in fillet form.

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Sure, there are myriad ways to prepare fillet of salmon. You can grill it on a plank or poach it in a pan, season it simply with salt, pepper, and citrus juice or kick up the flavor ante with bold, exotic spices. But if you think beyond the fillet for a moment, you'll find that there are plenty of other creative preparations for salmon.

You've probably tried salmon poached in a pan, but have you ever tried poaching salmon in the dishwasher? Works like a charm and is guaranteed to impress your friends! (Just make sure you leave out the soap). Or how about subsituting salmon for beef in beef Wellington, giving a beloved classic an innovative new twist? (This is a particularly elegant way to prepare and showcase highly sought-after chinook and king salmon varieties.)

And while you've probably encountered dishes that require the dismantling of filets to create things like salmon cakes, have you ever tried an alternative preparation like incorporating pieces of salmon into a savvy stir-fry or adding it to a creamy chowder? Such preparations are a fantastic way to use canned salmon and budget-friendly salmon varieties like pink or chum (smaller fish that don't typically yield sizable fillets).

Craving some heart-healthy salmon? Make it interesting with these clever recipes.

Corned Salmon

A brief cure in salt, brown sugar, cilantro, pepper, bay leaves, and garlic produces flavors that mimic those of traditional corned beef while highlighting salmon's natural richness. Combined with wilted cabbage, braised potatoes, and a green herb coulis, corned salmon instantly elevates a beloved Irish-American dish. Click here for the recipe.

In a Chowder

This super satisfying chowder transforms salmon into the ultimate comfort food. Chunks of salmon poach to perfection in an irrisistably creamy broth accompanied by russet potatoes, carrots, and onions. Click here for the recipe.