Rock Your Bake Sale: 10 New Recipes Slideshow

Almond White Chocolate Chunk Cookies Recipe

Almonds and white chocolate make a delicious combination in cookies. Bake a batch for a cookie exchange, a holiday cookie platter, tea time, or anytime of the year.

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Chocolate Chunk Mocha Cookies Recipe

Chocolate cookies become deliciously mocha flavored with coffee extract.

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Chocolate White Chocolate Mint Cookie Recipe

These dark chocolate cookies are studded with white chocolate chips and have a burst of peppermint flavor.

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Choco-Mint Crownie Recipe

Two all-time favorite desserts, chocolate chip cookies and fudge brownies, are combined into an indulgent cookie dough-topped brownie.

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Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Transform the traditional chocolate chip cookie with a touch of fragrant cinnamon.

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Mexican Chocolate Brownie Recipe

A touch of cinnamon transforms a brownie mix into the perfect dessert for a Mexican dinner at home.

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Orange-Kissed Brownie Recipe

Make brownies from a mix special with a kiss of orange extract and chocolate chips.

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Raspberry Brownies

Brownie mix gets a special flavor twist easily by using raspberry extract. The raspberry chocolate frosting makes the brownies even more delicious. 

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Vanilla Rich Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Flavors of warm vanilla and chocolate blend together to make a wonderful combination in these favorite chocolate chip cookies.

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Double Chocolate Chunk Mint Cookie Recipe

Chocolate and peppermint are a winning combination when it comes to desserts. These cookies have deep, rich chocolate flavor from cocoa powder and semisweet chocolate, as well as cool peppermint flavor from peppermint extract.

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