Courtesy of Karen Kelly/Seasonal Cravings

Recipe of the Day: Roasted Maple Sweet Potatoes and Cranberries

This colorful dish is perfect for Thanksgiving
Courtesy of Karen Kelly/Seasonal Cravings

Now that the autumn chill has swept in, you're probably looking for a few comfort foods to complement the cool weather. Like making apple cider doughnuts and decadent pumpkin recipes, knowing how to roast sweet potatoes is a must-have skill this fall. 

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To start, wash, peel and dice about two pounds of sweet potatoes. Then, lay the diced sweet potatoes out on a sheet pan and drizzle them with olive oil and maple syrup. Do the same thing to cranberries on a separate pan. Roast the sweet potatoes for 15 minutes, then put in the pan of cranberries and cook both for a final 10 minutes. 

When they're done cooking, toss the potatoes and cranberries all together and top with fresh orange juice, orange zest and a little more maple syrup. It's so easy, and the tart flavors of the cranberries help to balance out the slight nutty sweetness of a sweet potato.

Spend the next few weeks mastering this recipe, then get ready to bring these roasted veggies to the holiday table. The star of Thanksgiving is usually the turkey, but the feast wouldn't be complete without its iconic side dishes. These roasted sweet potatoes, served with fresh cranberries, will add a pop of color and undeniable flavor to your turkey day table. Serve the side dish alongside turkey, mashed potatoes and more of our 101 best Thanksgiving recipes

Roasted Maple Sweet Potatoes and Cranberries


32 ounces cubed sweet potatoes
2 cups fresh cranberries, washed
3-4 tablespoons pure maple syrup
2 teaspoons orange zest
Juice from half an orange
1 tablespoon olive oil
Salt, to taste


Preheat oven to 400°.

Lay sweet potatoes out on a sheet pan and drizzle with olive oil, 2 tbsp maple syrup and bit of salt.

Lay cranberries on another sheet pan.

Drizzle with 1 tbsp maple syrup.


Roast sweet potatoes for about 15 minutes, then put in pan of cranberries and cook both for about 10 minutes more.

Cooking times will vary.

Do not overcook cranberries.

They will start to burst when they are ready.

Toss all together and drizzle with a bit more syrup if necessary.

Drizzle the fresh orange juice and top with orange zest.

Serve immediately.


Recipe courtesy of Karen Kelly, Seasonal Cravings.