Restaurant Secrets Every Home Cook Should Know

Restaurant Secrets Every Home Cook Should Know

These insider tips will help you cook like a master chef in your own home

If you are a food-driven soul, going out for a really good meal is one of life’s great pleasures. Even the logistical work of dining out — securing a reservation, getting ready, and of course, finally sitting down to order — can be such a treat. The most magical moment of all, though, happens when the long-anticipated food finally arrives — gliding towards you, through a crowded dining room, before being set upon your table, ready to be enjoyed. From perfectly dressed salads and wonderfully crispy, fried delectable anythings to silky pastas and perfectly cooked steaks — good restaurant food always seems to have a little something extra to make it shine and seem so much more delicious than anything you could ever make at home.

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But if you’ve despaired of ever making meals of this sort on your own, there is hope! With just a few simple tricks and tips, you too can be well on your way to cooking up restaurant quality food in your own kitchen. These are the secrets that might not seem so mighty on their own, but can really change the way you cook and the food you produce when all of them are used together. From stale spices and how you use salt to simply getting organized before you start cooking, these tips will help you cook like a pro at home, so read on for some great restaurant secrets every home cook should know.