This Recipe is So Good You Won’t Know it's Healthy

Healthy pancakes? Who knew breakfast could be so indulgent and nutritious
This Recipe is so Good You Won’t Know its Healthy


This healthy banana bread pancake recipe is loaded with protein.

What’s better than pancakes for breakfast? Not much, but when you are trying to start your day with a healthy breakfast opting for protein-loaded egg whites or fiber-rich oats tend to be your go-to options. Luckily, we have a pancake recipe for you that can compete with the protein content of eggs and fiber in your favorite oats while satisfying that craving for fluffy.

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This simple pancake recipe uses hemp protein powder for that energy boosting protein kick, whole wheat flour for added fiber instead of processed, bleached flour, and agave nectar in place of refined sugar for one healthy and delicious pancake breakfast.

To make these banana bread protein pancakes, simply combine the ingredients as described in the recipe you can find by clicking here. Then top with fresh berries, bananas, and a drizzle of agave nectar instead of syrup.

For a seasonal twist on this healthy pancake recipe, swap out the mashed bananas for half a cup of pumpkin purée or apple sauce. Once you try this delicious pancake recipe, it will quickly become a permanent staple in your rotation of healthy breakfast recipes.


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