Put An Egg On It

Each week, The Daily Meal reaches out to our Culinary Content Network of bloggers in search of exciting recipes to share with our readers.

This week is all about eggs or, more specifically, egg yolks. Whether fried or poached, the golden gooey egg yolk is something precious; it adds a delectable and indulgent richness to any dish. A perfectly cooked yolk has the power to makes knees weak; it can make jaws drop and tongues roll out onto the table in awe of how the yolk seductively bursts from the white.

This week's SWAT (Sharing With A Theme) invited our CCN bloggers to show us their skills and present us with their best recipes featuring foods that were topped with an egg. Here are this week's SWAT finalists:


Bacon and Egg Breakfast Salad With Balsamic Maple Vinaigrette.

Bacon and eggs and burrata, oh my! That's one serious flavor combination right there. Plus all this is laid over a bed of spinach tossed with sweet vinaigrette. Delicious.

Find this recipe, courtesy of This Is How I Cook, here.


Smoked Salmon Bubble & Squeak

I was so happy to see the Hungary Buddha submit a Bubble and Squeak. Bubble and Squeak is a popular dish in the U.K. where leftover vegetables are topped with a fried egg. It gets its funny name from the sound the leftovers and eggs make while frying in the skillet.

Find Hungary Buddha's recipe for Smoked Salmon Bubble & Squeak here.


Machaca Con Huevos

Hungary Buddha strikes again with this Machaca Con Huevos (Mexican shredded beef and eggs).

Find this Hungary Buddha recipe here.


Quinoa Breakfast Hash

Oat and Sesame does not disappoint with this week's submission. This recipe for Quinoa Breakfast Hash is just beautiful.

Nevertheless, this week's winner is none other than This Is How I Cook for her recipe for Colorado's Best Hash.

Yes, I admit it; I am bias toward any dish with a thick slice of good, crusty bread. Yet, objectively speaking, the hash and fried egg look pretty fantastic, no? Check out this recipe here!

Rachael Pack is The Daily Meal's Cook Editor. Follow her on Instagram @rachael_pack