Piescrapers: Pushing The Boundaries Of Pie Design

You've probably heard of "Crack Pie" — but have you heard of "Kraken Pie"?

Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin — also known by her social media handle, "@thepieous" — creates incredible three dimensional "piescrapers" for her website, Piescrapers, where she posts geeky pie tutorials weekly. She defines a piescraper as "essentially a pie that is built 'up' using a series of engineering and baking tricks to enhance structural integrity and make tall pies stable, and delicious!"

Piescrapers: Pushing the Boundaries of Pie Design (Slideshow)

Jessica draws inspiration from the past (think Victorian England), looking back to the days when pies were epic feats of engineering. Pies were once used as spectacular center pieces — sometimes even filled with live animals — that graced the tables of kings. These days, pies are more subtle creations, no longer used to signify celebrations.

With the aim of boosting pies once more into the spotlight, Piescrapers features dozens of inspiring piescraper pictures, along with instructions and tutorials to help you make your own. From Kraken Pies to pies that glow under UV light, each pie is certainly a show-stopping piece of pastry.

Jessica is also an award-winning filmmaker and designer. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, with her husband, her 4-year-old son, and her Maltese dog, Witty. Her mission with Pies Are Awesome is to show the world that pies aren't just folksy family comfort food, but can be beautiful, epic, and awesome too.

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