This Is The Only Way To Reheat Pizza In The Microwave

We all know cold pizza is delightful right? Straight from the box, the day after a night out — delish. But sometimes you are just not in the mood, and that's just fine. There are several ways to warm up a cardboard crust that is covered in congealed cheese. You can throw your slice into an oven and hope for the best — a method that certainly yields edible results. You can also use a pan (bonus points if it's cast iron) and achieve a crispy bottom with melted cheese on top by using a few drops of water and a lid.

Both of these are fine solutions, but sometimes any cooking at all is just too much effort, or maybe (especially for you dorm-dwelling college students) you don't have access to an oven or stove.

On those days when you need a warm slice and you cannot wait a moment longer, I suppose it's fine to turn to your microwave. It is an appliance that can turn many a tricky task into an effortless passage of time, however, when pizza comes into play, you must be careful! Too many leftover pizza pieces have been transformed into revolting, soggy and rubbery shadows of their former glorious selves. A mug of water is all you need to successfully reheat your cold pizza. Place the water-filled mug next to (or beneath, by balancing the plate holding the pizza on top of the mug) and microwave in 30-second increments until the pizza is as hot as you want it to be. Voila! Enjoy your effortlessly reheated slice. Now all that's left to do is plan which delicious pizza you want to make right away!