This Is the Only Camping Gadget You Need

It boils water, it cooks meat, AND it charges your phone

The Tengu tool that will charge your phone while you cook

It seems these days that most people rely on their phones 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Phones have become an extension of ourselves. We use them not only to communicate with others, but also to check our bank balances, meet new people, buy new things, live healthier lives, document our experiences, and do countless other things. It has become common to hear and ask “do you have a charger” and think nothing of it. We use our phones so frequently that we’re forced to constantly balance phone use in between charges, desperate not to miss anything and trying not to drain the battery.

A dead phone battery — that is today’s nightmare. Without a phone, how can you possibly navigate from one area to another? Gone are the days of carrying maps or simply knowing the way; instead, we depend upon GPS to find the way from point A to B.

Camping and charged phones seem like a jarring combination, but thanks to Russian inventor Aidar Khairullin they are now a perfect pair. Khairullin has invented a camping stove that can be used to cook while it charges your phone, or any other small gadget that can be charged via a USB port. Using a tiny generator and heat-proof wires attached to the stove, the device transforms heat into electricity.

Though there are numerous ways to charge devices on the go, most of them require an actual outlet at some point. The great thing about this charging stove is that all you need to power it is dry wood. Add to that the fat that you can actually cook on it and it seems to be a winning design.


The stove, called Tengu, costs $100. Khairullin is currently working on a new stove that will be able to power larger devices like laptops.