IKEA Hot Plate Only Works if You Turn in Your Phone

IKEA Taiwan consumer experiment allows customers to try the special hot plate

Experiment promotes spending meals together without the distraction of a cell phone.

IKEA Taiwan has come up with a solution to finally get your dinner companions to put down their phones during a meal.

The ‘Phone-less Table’ features a hot plate that lifts off the table and is powered by placing smart phones on the sensor underneath the hot pot, details Rocket News 24. As another phone is added, the plate’s heat intensifies, therefore requiring the cooperation of your table mates to heat up your food.

IKEA Taiwan posted a YouTube video showing consumer reactions to the Phone-less Table. When asked to show their phones, many thought it was an invitation to take photos and share the experience on social media. Once instructed to place their phones underneath the hot pot, some immediately complied while others quickly withdrew their devices, fearing they’d be burned.


Those reluctant to give up their phones were eventually pushed by their table mates to turn in their phone, and the overall reaction to the table was positive, as users were seen enjoying the company at their table and engaging in undistracted conversation.