No-Bake Desserts That Will Make You Proud To Be An American

No-Bake Desserts That Will Make You Proud to Be an American

If you're looking for an easy dessert for your Fourth of July celebration, consider these no-bake options.

American Flag Ice Cream Cake

The ultimate no-bake summer dessert has to be ice cream cake. Learn to make your own and then decorate the outside with red, white, and blue whipped cream or frosting for the perfect patriotic treat.

Berry Pudding Tarts

Sometimes you have to rely on a few store-bought items to get dessert together quickly and easily. Try using individually sized store-bought cakes (like the ones sold for strawberry shortcake), filling them with instant vanilla pudding, and then piling red and blue berries on top.

DIY Patriotic Doughnuts

Another easy no-bake dessert in a pinch? Decorate store-bought glazed doughnuts with white frosting and patriotic sprinkles for a dessert that everyone is guaranteed to love. You can even stack your doughnuts (once the frosting dries) into a pyramid shape on a pretty plate for a fun presentation.

Double Berry Shortcake

Remember those store-bought cakes that made the perfect vessel for pudding and berries? Well, you can use them to make berry shortcake, too! Fill them with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream and then top them with strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. 

No-Bake Berry Cheesecake

This delicious no-bake cheesecake filling is spooned over slices of store-bought pound cake and topped with fresh berries so that it resembles an American flag. What could be easier than that?

Patriotic Ice Cream Sundaes

How about having an ice cream sundae bar at your Fourth of July cookout? When it's time for dessert, set containers of vanilla ice cream on ice and offer patriotic toppings like fresh berries, strawberry sauce, whipped cream, cherries, and patriotic sprinkles.

Red, White, and Blue Ice Pops

Kids and grown-ups alike love these good old-fashioned ice pops. All you need to make them is a little bit of juice and some advance planning. If you don't have ice pop molds, don't worry — you can make these pops using a paper cup as a mold. Want to give them even more Fourth of July sparkle? Add a splash of Champagne or seltzer to the juices!

White Chocolate Oreo Cookie Balls

These sweet bite-sized treats — coated in white chocolate and topped with colorful red, white, and blue sprinkles — are sure to go fast, so make a double batch!