New York City Baker Uses Pop Culture to Make Cookies Into Art

Patti Paige takes over Instagram (and the red carpet) with her latest cookie creations

This year’s red carpet cookies feature bold gowns worn by Emma Stone, Janelle Monáe, and Viola Davis.

Early this week, the Oscars flooded social media feeds, especially with host Jimmy Kimmel air-dropping candy and cookies to A-list guests during the show. What Kimmel really should have done was enlist New York-based baker and artist Patti Paige to feed the stars with cookies inspired by the celebrities themselves.

Patti Paige, the owner of custom bakery Baked Ideas, looked to the stars to re-create some of the best red carpet looks from Emma Stone, Janelle Monáe, and Viola Davis.

In addition to red carpet events, Paige pulls inspiration from pop culture, which has gained her more than 123,000 followers on Instagram to date.

“I’ve had my @BakedIdeas Instagram channel for years now — and I post almost every single day,” Paige told The Daily Meal. “I make all of my own cookie cutters, so sky’s the limit! Whether it’s Chance the Rapper or the latest red carpet dresses from the Oscars, there’s nothing you can’t turn into a cookie.”

To make her creations, Paige uses different tools and materials, from icing bags to parchment paper.

“Reynolds parchment paper is my go-to for cookie baking and decorating — I test out my icing bags on the surface, squiggle along the way, and never have to worry about clean-up,” Paige said. “It’s the perfect tool for best-dressed, evenly baked cookies.”

For anyone looking to break into social media with his or her own creative baked goods, Paige has a few words of advice:

“For aspiring Instagram bakers out there, you can use parchment paper to create custom colorful confetti with your leftover icing — just pipe out thin, straight lines on your sheet, wait for it to dry, and then crumple up the paper for eye-catching confetti.”

Baked Ideas

Baked Ideas

Baked Ideas


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