Most Unhealthy "Health" Foods For Kids Slideshow

Granola Bars

Granola bars seem like a healthier alternative to cookies or candy bars, and while they do have some advantages, they can also have significantly more calories. With lots of added sugar and salt, some brands have ingredients that really don't make them distinguishable from other sweets — a candy bar is still a candy bar even if you throw in some rolled oats and nuts. For a healthier option, consider making your own granola bars with fruit and honey at home.
Make healthier granola bars at home

Flavored Organic Yogurt

"Organic" doesn't necessarily mean "healthy." While organic food may be better for the environment, when it has lots of added sugar, it's not much better for your body. For instance, some brands of non-fat organic flavored yogurt can have a whopping 33 grams of sugar in one 6-ounce serving. Try getting plain yogurt and adding just a little bit of honey as a sweetener, or read labels closely when purchasing.

Apple Juice

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but apple juice most definitely will not. With more than 100 calories and 22 grams of sugar (even if it is fruit-derived), this isn't much better than a soda. For real fruit flavor and added nutrition, make your own smoothies at home.
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Fruit Leather

Eating fruit leather is great alternative to eating actual leather, but it's a pretty terrible alternative to eating fruit. Even though the sugar is naturally derived from fruit juices, it's still sugar, and there's a lot of it — 14 grams in one little roll, not to mention additives and preservatives. For a healthier, additive-free, and lower sugar alternative, make your own fruit leather at home.
Make healthier fruit leather at home

Spaghetti Sauce

Commercial spaghetti sauces are a far cry from homemade, with their added sugar and salt. Many leading brands have roughly 80 calories and 20 percent of your recommended daily intake of salt in one serving, not to mention 7 grams of sugar. And when you consider that few people actually limit themselves to a half-cup of sauce on their pasta, you could be getting almost half the salt you should eat in one day from your pasta sauce. Skip the unnecessary sugar and salt and make a simple marinara at home.
Make healthier marinara sauce at home