The Most Common Places You Forget To Clean In Your Kitchen

You May Want to Rethink Your Spring Cleaning Routine

Curious to know what else you've been missing all these years? Check out some of the surfaces you've skipped over and get ready for a truly germ-free kitchen. 

The Dishwasher

Not only should you wipe down your dishwasher, you have to load the dishwasher correctly for dishware to actually get clean. "I'm still shocked how many people don't know that plates should go on the first row of the bottom basket and that the second row is reserved for bowls and large dishes," says Paxton. "To maximize space on the top shelf, always hand-wash wine glasses and spatulas, and never place knives in the dishwasher."     

The Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal helps you get rid of waste from other parts of your kitchen, but what about keeping it fresh and clean? "Often, people leave raw chicken, eggs, vegetables, and other discarded items in the disposal," says Paxton. Just think of all of those germs hanging out in there. "Running the disposal daily and cleaning twice a month with lemon or orange peels will keep it clean."

The Individual Cup Coffee Maker

Paxton asks, "When's the last time you washed the water storage unit in your coffee maker?"  Hm? Uh, never? "Wash it in the dishwasher once a month — that green stuff at the bottom isn't tea." 

Kids’ Cup’s Straws

"For those of you who have toddlers, get rid of the cups with straws," Paxton warns. "Most have black mold that your kids are drinking through on a daily basis. Consider replacing with a reusable stainless steel alternative. Not only is it safer, but it will also save a lot of space."

The Kitchen Sink

"Believe it or not, wiping down the sink after you wash dishes is one of the most important ways to clean." Why? Your sink is like a basin for bacteria! 

‘Recycled’ Bags

"On the floor of most pantries lives about six months of bags we are 'totally going to use.'  Chances are, bugs and spiders will use them as well," Paxton cautions. "Start using reusable canvas bags (not the plastic Lululemon ones) and put the rest in the recycling bin immediately upon coming back from the store."

The Stove Backsplash

"Most people clean the oven and the burners," says Paxton. "But many of us forget to clean out the backsplash or vent, where old food residues live for months." 

Under Old Stove Burners

"Single-handedly the grossest place I've ever seen in the houses I clean," states Paxton. "When not in use, lift up the burners and see the debris that has accumulated under your burners. You'll be shocked, and you may realize where the mice have been staying in your house! Yes, I just said that."

Under the Trash Can Lid

While you know it is important, and absolutely necessary, to change the bag, did you ever stop to think just how gross actual trash cans get? "They contain some of the worst germs in the room," says Paxton. "Wipe it down every time you change the trash bag."