Make-Ahead Dishes You Need This Thanksgiving

The holidays in general can be fairly stressful time of year. When family and friends gather, meal time often becomes a theatrical performance, a dance in the kitchen that involves innumerable pots and pan. Oven space is at a premium, the dishwasher is in a perpetual state of operation and your drunk uncle is causing trouble once again.

Make-Ahead Dishes You Need This Thanksgiving Gallery

In spite of all this, people really do love the holiday season. Once the clock strikes midnight on the last night of October, the world around you feels instantly transformed as the country begins to prepare for America's busiest kitchen holiday of them all: Thanksgiving.

But if the thought of cooking Thanksgiving dinner is already causing a cold sweat to collect at your brow, don't worry — there is a solution. We reached out to our network of food bloggers and asked them to share some of their favorite make-ahead Thanksgiving dishes. Many of the classic dishes that are expected to make an appearance on the Turkey Day table can actually be prepped ahead of time and stored in the freezer until the big day arrives. From cranberry sauce and stuffing to bread rolls and pie, get a head start on your Thanksgiving Day food prep with these easy and delicious make-ahead Thanksgiving dishes.