Immunity-Boosting Herbs And Spices

Immunity-Boosting Herbs and Spices

The best defense against a cold or cough may be hidden in your spice rack and not the medicine cabinet! In addition to their food-flavoring properties, herbs and spices have long been used for their medicinal properties.

Black Pepper

Black pepper is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps maintain a healthy colon. But those susceptible to kidney stones should not over-do black pepper, as it is high in oxalate, which can create stones.


Cayenne pepper is a powerful antiseptic. The next time you have a sore throat, mix some cayenne pepper into warm water with a bit of lemon juice to kill off those nasty virus germs. Click here for our best cayenne recipes.


Cardamom is a staple spice in Indian cuisine and is also one of the most expensive spices in the world. This flavorful pod contains manganese, which can help boost virus-fighting cells. Click here for our best cardamom recipes.


Garlic contains powerful antibacterial properties that can help treat fungal infections and viruses such as the common cold. Click here for our best garlic recipes.


Ginger is a powerful root that helps settle an upset stomach, decreases inflammation, and can shorten the length of sore throats and colds. Make a quick ginger tea by boiling fresh ginger in water or add it to your next stir-fry. Click here for our best ginger recipes.


Whether you add it to tomato sauce or take oregano oil as a supplement, this peppery herb helps fight sore throats and even parasite infections. Click here for our best oregano recipes.


Peppermint is an amazing digestive aid, and can actually help your tummy troubles in the long run. Click here for our best peppermint recipes.


Rosemary has antifungal properties as well as tons of antioxidants. Bonus: rosemary's antioxidants also help protect skin's elasticity. Click here for our best rosemary recipes.


Thyme is a member of the mint family and has antiviral, antibacterial, and antibiotic properties. Click here for our best thyme recipes.


A staple in Indian curries, brightly colored turmeric has been used as a cure-all. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, is a powerful antioxidant is used as an anti-inflammatory and to help treat everything from heartburn to dental disease. Click here to see our best turmeric recipes.