How to Make Cake Pops Like a Disneyland Candymaker

It’s not as easy as it looks.
Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse Cake Pops Disneyland
Carolyn Menyes / The Daily Meal

There are many wonderful sights, sounds, and smells when you walk down the main stretch of any Disney theme park, but nothing quite matches seeing the candymakers in the windows doing their thing. It’s a true splendor, seeing them make marshmallow wands, crisp rice treats, candy apples, toffee and other handcrafted sweets. Just how do candymakers get so good at their jobs? And is it easy to re-create their treats at home?

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To find out what it takes to make a cake pop as well as a Disneyland candymaker can, The Daily Meal went out to Trolley Treats at Disney California Adventure. Just how do they make them so picture-perfect? According to Francheska Roman, a candymaker of seven years, it takes a lot of practice. “It took me about two years until I got it, until I got confident in myself. So when you see us in the windows, know it did take us a long time to get there,” she said.

While you may think making a Mickey or Minnie cake pop is as easy as popping some ears on a piece of chocolate cake, it’s a lot more complicated to that.

To start, take a chocolate cake pop and set it on the table. Then, take two white chocolate disks and press it right into the cake pop. Here, Francheska emphasized just how important the placement of the ears is. “You’re going to want to make sure it’s not too close and not too far apart, because you want to maintain the nice Mickey shape quality,” she said. If you’re ears aren’t in just the right spot, you’re going to have quite the wonky mouse.

Step two? Dip your cake pop into chocolate. “Dip it right into the milk chocolate and shake all the excess chocolate right off. Go in for a second dip, place it down,” Francheska said. Then, you want to allow the milk chocolate to completely settle, which can take anywhere from five to 10 minutes. When it’s done setting, you’re going to dip it halfway into white chocolate and shake the excess off.

While the white chocolate is still wet, place two yellow chocolate pieces and press them right into the middle of the white section. These will become Mickey’s signature red and yellow trousers. Go over the wet white chocolate with fine red sanding sugar — and voila! — you have a perfect Mickey cake pop.

Mickey Cake Pop Disneyland

Carolyn Menyes / The Daily Meal

To make a Minnie cake pop, the steps are largely going to be the same. However, after you place the ears, dip the cake pop into milk chocolate and dip the cake pop halfway into white chocolate, you won’t put on any buttons.

Instead, Francheska told us to cover her bottom half completely in fine red sugar. After that’s set, get white chocolate in a squeeze bottle and put four dots on the top and four on the bottom. You put one dot on the front, one on the side, one on the other side and one on the back. Then you put the final dots on the bottom row in between. The trick here is to move your squeeze bottle in a small circular motion. This way, you avoid big splats and pointy tips in the center. It’s all about finesse.

The final touch on a Minnie cake pop is to put a little red and white bow in the center of her ears, secured with just a bit of chocolate.

Minnie Mouse Cake Pop Disneyland

Carolyn Menyes / The Daily Meal

It’s going to take you some time to get it right, and Francheska’s top tip is not to stop after the first failure. And before you know it, you’ll be able to make one of the most iconic Disney park treats of all time.