How To Butterfly A Whole Chicken

If you enjoy having home-cooked meals, there are plenty of restaurant secrets you can learn to elevate your culinary prowess. Once you defrost or thaw your meat, you want to make sure you cook it correctly and evenly. When it comes to chicken, that means you should butterfly it.

Grilled Chicken Recipes That Aren't Boring

Butterflying is a technique that can be used with many different types of meat, but it's most commonly associated with poultry. Used for high-heat cooking such as roasting or grilling, the method requires the use of sharp chicken shears that can cut through bone.

Cutting along each side of the backbone, you remove the backbone itself and then turn the chicken over, breast side up. After tucking the wings behind the bird, you use your hands to flatten the chicken down. The legs of the chicken are also sometimes tied together before the chicken is marinated or put in the oven or on the grill.

The method of butterflying not only allows meat to cook more evenly, but it also reduces your cooking time, especially when making chicken.

Allowing your meat to cook unevenly is one of the worst grilling mistakes you can make. Butterflying is a great way to solve this problem when making your favorite flavorful chicken recipes.