How To Slice Garlic

Garlic is at the base of many delicious recipes, but the small size of the cloves can make them difficult to slice. Make slicing garlic easy with this technique. First, trim the root end of the clove of garlic and discard it. Be sure that you don't remove too much from the clove of garlic.

You'll also need to remove the papery skin from the outside of the clove of garlic before you can slice it. The easiest way to do this is to place the clove of garlic under the blade of your knife and, with the flat side of the blade against the clove, press down until the paper skin starts to crack. Then, simply peel the outer skin away from the clove and discard it.

Then, with your fingertips tucked back to avoid injury, carefully slice through the clove of garlic crosswise, producing a slice. Continue cutting at even intervals for uniform slices.

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