How To Poach An Egg The Right Way


The ideal poached egg is round in shape, almost as if it were cooked in its shell. The whites are just set and encase a pleasantly warm and runny golden yolk.

The yolk inside is considered precious; it is pure liquid gold that bursts from delicate white walls. The yolk release makes knees weak; it makes jaws drop and tongues roll out onto the table. In short, the great poached egg is the reason the term "egg porn" exists. 

Many foods can benefit from the addition of a poached egg. It can provide a luscious richness to dishes that even the best over-easy fried eggs just can't do. Unfortunately, something as simple as cooking an egg in water is not as easy as it seems; poached eggs are fickle and dangerously delicate.

Don't worry just yet, this article contains step-by-step instructions, throwing in helpful tips and tricks along the way, to help you to become a poached-egg master.

Rachael Pack is Cook Editor of The Daily Meal. Follow her on Instagram @rachael_pack