How To Make Your Best Meatloaf Slideshow

How to Make Your Best Meatloaf

There are all types of fantastic meatloaf recipes out there, but there are a few ways to upgrade every loaf.


Once you've mixed together the meatloaf, put half of the mixture into the loaf pan and then — wait for it — put down a layer of sliced cheese. American, provolone, Swiss, and mozzarella are all good, melty options. Place the second half of the loaf over the cheese and press down the sides to make sure both halves stick together. Bake as you normally would.


No explanation necessary. Everything is better with bacon. Wrap your loaf with bacon and you'll reap the benefits of being crowned Culinary King.

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are the unrivaled best companion (based off of personal opinion entirely) to meatloaf. Make them rich and creamy and the happiness that comes from eating classic comfort foods will ensue.


Meatloaf takes a long time to cook because it's so deliciously dense. Use that down time to whip up a quick gravy. All you need is stock, flour, and fat. Mix equal parts flour and fat and whisk in some stock for the fastest gravy ever.