How To Make The Perfect Grilled Cheese Slideshow

If you're one of those people who can't stand the hanging cheese from your bread, cheeses such as blue cheese will dissolve into creaminess without making a mess. Here are some more cheeses that don't become stretchy:

Blue Cheese



Fromage Blanc (cow's milk cheese similar in texture to fresh goat or ricotta)

Fresh Goat Cheese



Flavor the Bread NOT the Pan

Spread butter or oil on the bread as opposed to coating your pan. This will ensure that the bread soaks up the butter or oil in an even way and you won't have blotchy dry patches of bread.

The Californian

This grilled cheese recipe from Werlin pays homage to her Californian roots with raisins and walnuts. 

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Easy-to-Find Melters

Cheeses such as the Cheddar pictured here are easy to find and melt incredibly well. Here's a list of some others that'll work just as well:

American Cheese

Asiago (Fresh)



Colby Jack





Monterey Jack


Provolone (NOT sharp or extra sharp)



Cool It

We know you're hungry but... cool it. While Werlin knows it might test every fiber of patience in your body, she suggests you exercise restraint before eating your sandwich and let it cool for five minutes before eating it. Why? As your sandwich cools, the flavors will brighten. If the sandwich is too hot it will be mouth-searing and have little taste.

Dessert Grilled Cheese

Just to make sure we covered all of our bases, we tried this dessert grilled cheese that combines our favorite pair, Nutella and bananas, with the sweeter, bagel-standard cheese.

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French Mountain Glory

This grilled cheese recipe pays homage to a French mountain dish called tartiflette, and shows you that strong, stinky cheeses can be played down beautifully into a grilled cheese. 

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Be Grateful

Werlin suggests grating your cheese as opposed to slicing it. This way the cheese will melt faster and more evenly.

Ratio Rationale

Werlin can't stress the importance of ratio enough. She urges you to make sure your bread-to-cheese ratio is close to equal. Don't use bread that is too thick because it won't form the crispy, crackly texture you want.

Gruyère and Gorgonzola with Hazelnut Butter

Werlin takes the favorites of a cheese plate and slaps them into a grilled sandwich with this recipe.

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Chips and Guacamole Grilled Cheese

Never have we ever, thought about utilizing butter for a grilled cheese recipe in this way. We swear you'll never think of guacamole and chips the same way again.

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The Many Different Ways of Making a Grilled Cheese

In a jam? We're not judging.

We know that béchamel is a versatile sauce, but we had never thought about using it for a grilled cheese recipe until we read this one from Arthur Potts Dawson in Eat Your Vegetables.

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Cover and Cook

One of Werlin's biggest pieces of advice is to cover the pan to ensure a crisp outcome and make sure every strand of cheese will melt.

Non-Melting but Nutty Cheese

If you're a cheese fanatic, like many of us are, then you'll probably want a nutty cheese (or two) in your grilled sandwich. These cheeses will get the job done for you:

Asiago (aged)

Dry Monterey Jack

Grana Padano

Mimolette (aged)


Pecorino (aged)

Piave Vecchio


Pimento Grilled Cheese

Who knew pimento cheese was so simple to make? Werlin not only shares an easy shortcut, but she puts it in a grilled cheese recipe here.

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Pressing for Perfection

If you're one of those people who likes chewing sunflower seeds just for the crunch, then you're most likely a press person, who loves making sure that every inch of the crust of their grilled cheese is crunchy.

Slightly More Exotic Melters

If you want a good old-fashioned grilled cheese with a touch of sophistication, cheeses such as the raclette pictured here are a good choice. They're authentic and somewhat hard to find, but provide you with the perfect consistency of melted cheese. Here are few more for you to look out for:





Manchego (sheep's milk)

Midnight Moon (goat Gouda)

Ossau-Iraty (sheep's milk)

Pecorino (fresh)

Petit Basque (sheep's milk)


Toasting to Save Time

Toasters are a quick fix for making a grilled cheese — with little clean up. Beware, though, because you'll never get the same buttery and crunchy crust as you would from using a pan or a griddle.

Apple Grilled Cheese with Smoked Gouda and Fontina

We love apples and smoked Gouda together on a cheese plate, which is why we loved this grilled cheese recipe from Deborah Scott of Vintana restaurant in San Diego, Calif.

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The Ultimate Grilled Cheese

While there are various trendy and delicious grilled cheese recipes popping up everywhere, one still can't resist a basic, classic grilled cheese recipe. Here's an overall simple recipe that uses mayonnaise to infuse crunch and flavor. 

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