How to Make the Perfect Decadent Chocolate Lava Cake From Scratch

Serve the elegant dessert that has become a staple on dessert menus across the country at home
How to Make the Perfect Decadent Chocolate Lava Cake From Scratch


Chocolate lava cake rose exponentially in popularity from the late ‘80s through the 2000s.

There was a time when a molten or lava cake with a half-baked center just wasn’t a thing. The year was 1966, and the dessert that changed it all was the Tunnel of Fudge Cake; a second-place winner at a Pillsbury Bake-Off contest. Ella Helfrich, a Texan housewife, used Pillsbury’s powdered chocolate frosting that liquefied when baked to create her Bundt cake with a runny center.

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But the humble cake that can now be found in frozen food isle at your local grocery store has another, more glamorous origin. Flash forward 1987 to the famed Jean-Georges Vongerichten, chef-owner of the popular, fine-dining Manhattan restaurant JoJo. Vongerichten claims the invention of molten chocolate cake again after under baking a chocolate sponge cake. He decides to add the delicious cake to his menu calling it a Chocolate Valrhona Cake.

By 1997, the cake is part of the cannon of classic desserts, earning a coveted recipe slot in the Joy of Cooking, one of the best-selling cookbooks of all time. The elegant dessert spread across America showing up everywhere from fine dining to fast casual restaurants.

While the technique may have been perfected by master chefs like Jacques Torres, Tom Colicchio, and of course, Vongerichten, the recipe doesn’t require a culinary heavy-weight belt to produce. This gooey, rich cake made from scratch will add a taste of chocolate decadence to the end of dinner parties and romantic dinners for two. Not to mention, one taste of the homemade version and you will forever be ruined from enjoying the pre-packaged, microwave variety again.

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