1. Ingredients from How to Make the Perfect Brownie

How to Make the Perfect Brownie

Yasmin Fahr
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1. Ingredients

"Unsalted butter is the best for baking because you can control the amount of salt used. I don't find that you have to use a super fancy type of butter — if you have it, use it, but it's not totally necessary." For chocolates, Ima says that there are all kinds out there to buy, but she prefers using a Baker's chocolate because it's packaged in small pieces and is easy to use. Since it's not sweetened, it's not an ideal nibbling chocolate. You can get nibbling chocolate for baking, though, in either chips or a bar. The shape doesn't really matter because you are going to melt it down, anyway. She says that the important thing is to taste the chocolate, and try to bake a batch of brownies with the chocolate you always use and then bake a batch with another type to see which you like more and what the difference is. A tasting party with your friends never hurts.