How To Boil Water — Really

You maybe be scoffing — you may even be giggling — at the title of this article, but trust us: this is important information. Boiling water is (apparently) harder than you think. But what's the problem, you ask? All you really need, you'd think, would be a pot, some H20, and a source of heat — plus some serious arm muscles to move the pot from the sink to the stove if you're boiling a large quantity of the stuff. 

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But you know the old adage that declares, "She's such a bad cook, she can't even boil water?" The truth is, we've seen amateur and even professional cooks miss some of these important steps in this "difficult "process.

All jokes aside, let's talk about this: How do you boil water? Better check out our five (yes, there are five) steps instructing you in the right way to perform this most basic of kitchen tasks. (And speaking of old adages, don't believe the one that says "A watched pot never boils." Trust us, it does. It's just kind of boring to wait for.)

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