How to Become a Pro with Your Chef's Knife

Classic Cook's Knife by Wusthof


This 8-inch chef's knife is one of the most reasonably priced varieties from the renowned German line. A comfortable handle allows for ease of use and an evenly balanced blade makes it a delight when cutting, slicing, and dicing.

Togiharu Chef's Knife by Korin


One of chef Burgess' favorite Japanese lines, the Togiharu is a double-edged steel knife that is about 8-inches in length and designed for the most precise cuts.

Simply Cutlery Chef's Knife


One of the most affordable chef's knife without sacrificing quality, the Calphalon Chef's Knife is made with a forged-blade and is bolster-designed for comfort and efficiency.

Glestain K Series


Among the nicer brands of knives, Glestain has been praised for their razor sharp blades that are easy to resharpen.

Chef's Knife by Victorinox Swiss Army

Victorinox Swiss Army

Known for producing the highest quality of knives, Victorinox's chef's knife is lightweight yet perfectly balanced and is crafted with precision.This series is great for everyday use and is a favorite of many professional chefs.

Nenox G Series


If you're willing to devote time and money, the Nenox series is a top-quality choice. A carbon steel blade is tapered from spine to edge to help you get precise and beautiful cuts.

Masamoto by Korin


Another favorite of chef Burgess, this carbon steel Japanese knife by Korin has been likened to German varieties because of its heavy, thick blade.

Shun Premiere Chef's Knife

Shun Knives

This 8-inch knife is a great choice for all-around use in the kitchen. A hand-hammered finish reduces drag when cutting, keeping your food from sticking to the knife while working.

Kramer Carbon Steel Chef's Knife


One Andrew Zimmern's favorites, Kramer knives are known for bringing professional-quality traits to the home cook. A perfectly balanced blade makes them easy to use for longer periods of time.

Kershaw Chef's Knife


This stainless steel chef's knife has all of the qualities, including balance and sharpness, you're looking for and is among the more affordable lines.