How to Remove Sausage Casings Without a Knife

TV Chef Fabio Viviani demonstrates his trick to decasing sausages
Fabio's Trick To Decasing Sausage

Fabio shows you how to decase sausage with his fun trick that helps you do it like a pro chef- but at home!



It's easy to turn a sausage into ground meat simply by removing the casing

Sausages are delicious simply grilled in their casings, but the meat inside the casings can also be used to elevate many simple dishes that call for ground meat. Replacing a portion or all of the ground meat in a recipe with the already-seasoned meat of the sausage adds flavor and spice to the meal. From bolognese sauce to meatloaf, crumbled sausage can be a welcome addition to many dishes.

Most people use a knife to remove the casing by scoring the length of the sausage and peeling it away, but chef Fabio Viviani has a much faster method: He pinches the center of the sausage and pushes outwardly in either direction, and the meat comes out much like toothpaste from a tube.


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