Gifts For Dads Who Love To Cook Gallery

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Does your dad watch cooking shows, critiquing the contestants' errors and explaining how he would have done better? Does he live for these summer months, when the grill becomes the central cooking appliance? Are you eager to try his next feast?

Who doesn't love good food, especially enjoyed with family and friends? And what better way to celebrate your dad's love of food — and his talent as a home chef — than with some new cooking gadgets?

We turned to BestReviews, our sister site that publishes in-depth reviews of various consumer products, to help us pick our favorite gift ideas for those fathers who are culinarily inclined. To remain objective, BestReviews purchases the products it reviews and conducts its own testing. After the tests and reviews are complete, the products are donated to nonprofits, for them to either use or resell to raise funds.

Each product in this gallery is easy to use and handy, whether your dad is the next Top Chef or more of a mad scientist in the kitchen. Read on to discover nine great gifts for dads who love to cook.


Air Fryer

Air fryers have quickly become the "it" appliance for those who love crispy fried food without the oil (and its unhealthy effects, not to mention mess). The Philips XL Digital Airfryer won over the folks at BestReviews with its crispy results when they pitted it against a sous vide, pressure cooker, and traditional oven for a Thanksgiving feast.

Balsamic Vinegar

Good cooks know that high-quality balsamic vinegar is far superior to the thin bargain stuff found on any grocery shelf. MiaBella Balsamic Vinegar has a syrupy, rich consistency and is incredibly deep — just like your dad (minus his jokes). A tiny drizzle will take his dishes to the next level.

Butcher Block

A tough guy deserves a tough block of wood to chop up food on. The Michigan Maple Block Maple End Grain Chopping Block is a heavy, sturdy, beautiful upgrade to a basic cutting board. It makes food prep that much more impressive and easy. It'll also proudly display whatever he cooks up.

Cheese Board

If you've ever seen your dad's eyes light up as soon as a platter of meats, cheeses, olives, nuts, and fruit appears, you absolutely have to get him a DRAGONN 100% Natural Bamboo Cheese Board & Cutlery Knife Set and an assortment of his favorite snacks to eat while watching his favorite game or movie.

Cooking Torch

Dads love playing with fire. Usually a campfire, but why not let him have a little more fun with an Iwatani PRO2 culinary butane torch. He'll brûlée to his heart's content, or create a beautiful golden skin on poultry if the fryer or oven didn't quite crisp it up to his liking.

Doughnut Maker

Who needs a doughnut maker? The key word here is "want" — and your dad will love making his own doughnuts with the Chef Buddy Hot Donut Maker. It'll be the gift that keeps on giving, as fresh, hot doughnuts become a staple in your home every weekend. Hopefully he will share, too!


Dad is the grill master, but his eyes are often bigger than his appetite. When he goes a little overboard on the steaks, chicken breasts, and burgers, a FoodSaver 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing System keeps leftovers fresh far longer than plastic containers or foil. He'll love how every bit of air is sucked out of each individual package, making storage, freezing, and defrosting a breeze.

Oven Gloves

As careful as he is, your dad is bound to get burned working around ovens, grills, smokers, fryers, and other red-hot cooking appliances. Oven mitts are so '50s housewife — and not fireproof. Keep your dad's hands safe and make it easier for him to handle all his creations with these oven gloves.


Your dad might be far from a smooth operator, but he doesn't want chunky, fibrous smoothies. A Vitamix 5200 blender really is worth the steep price — it purées fruit, ice, soups, and other liquids to velvety, restaurant-level perfection. You may even be able to convince your dad to whip up one of these healthy smoothie recipes that taste like dessert.


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