9 Gifts for Dads Who Love to Cook

Gifts for Dads Who Love to Cook

These presents will make your father feel like a true MasterChef in his own kitchen

Does your dad watch cooking shows, critiquing the contestants’ errors and explaining how he would have done better? Does he live for these summer months, when the grill becomes the central cooking appliance? Are you eager to try his next feast?

Gifts for Dads Who Love to Cook

Who doesn’t love good food, especially enjoyed with family and friends? And what better way to celebrate your dad’s love of food — and his talent as a home chef — than with some new cooking gadgets?

We turned to BestReviews, our sister site that publishes in-depth reviews of various consumer products, to help us pick our favorite gift ideas for those fathers who are culinarily inclined. To remain objective, BestReviews purchases the products it reviews and conducts its own testing. After the tests and reviews are complete, the products are donated to nonprofits, for them to either use or resell to raise funds.

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Each product in this gallery is easy to use and handy, whether your dad is the next Top Chef or more of a mad scientist in the kitchen. Read on to discover nine great gifts for dads who love to cook.