Get Ready To Cook Thanksgiving Dinner With These 9 Products

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Preparing Thanksgiving dinner can be challenging — you have to prep the turkey, sides, and desserts. Any help that you can get is much-needed, whether it's from your family or easy-to-use products.

Here are nine kitchen products that will help you host a smooth Thanksgiving. Start off with a fashionable apron from BlueCut that will give you confidence in the kitchen. Then, buy yourself a few tools like the Dreamfarm Smood that will help you mash potatoes with ease and the Dreamfarm Garject Lite that presses your garlic perfectly. With these nine products your Thanksgiving will be executed as planned.

BlueCut Apron

BlueCut Aprons utilize only the finest materials to create fashionable, comfortable and practical wear for both men and women. Designed for chefs, home cooks and others, BlueCut's clean-cut, high quality products are bringing a unique approach to culinary apparel. When you're in the kitchen chopping away, chop in style this holiday season with a BlueCut Apron.

Dreamfarm Smood

We have good news if you're making mashed potatoes this Thanksgiving. Use the Dreamfarm Smood and you'll have smooth mashed potatoes in seconds with this product.

Dreamfarm Garject Lite

When you're in the middle of making Thanksgiving dinner, the last thing that you want to be worried about is prep. The Dreamfarm Garject Lite makes pressing garlic a lot easier. The Garject, is the world's best garlic press — it presses unpeeled garlic and even ejects the peel.

Le Creuset 10 Quart Stock Pot

When you're making Thanksgiving dinner no ingredient should go to waste. With your Le Creuset 10 Quart Stock Pot, you can use the turkey carcass to make a delicious stock. To make a turkey stock all you'll need is the turkey carcass, onions, garlic, carrots, celery, water, and herbs. Let all ingredients simmer in your stock pot for about an hour and strain. You'll have stock that you can utilize for stuffing or gravy.  

Le Creuset Round Platter with Cutting Board

Whether entertaining a crowd or hosting an intimate dinner party, a generously sized platter with a selection of cheeses is a welcome addition to any gathering. With the Le Creuset Round Platter you can place hard or soft cheeses on the center beech wood cutting board, surrounded by crackers or bread slices. Remove the cutting board to pour dips or salsas into the center well. — Le Creuset

Le Creuset Set of 3 Mini Cocottes

Serve your Thanksgiving dessert in style with the Le Creuset Set of 3 Mini Cocottes. For a delicious and simple dessert this holiday season make individual servings of plum crumble.

Nuance 4 Piece Bar Accessory Set

This holiday season be prepared when you need to make cocktails for your guests. The Nuance 4 Piece Bar Set comes with a muddle, strainer, zester, and spoon so you can make any cocktail your guests desire.

Silpat Perfect Cookie Mat

Baking just got a lot easier with the Silpat Perfect Cookie Mat. The mat has 13 evenly-spaced indents so you'll have perfectly round cookies every time. This Thanksgiving take your pick — you can make pecan cookies, sugar cookies, or traditional chocolate chip.

Swissmar Le Cordon Bleu Tendance Medium Oval Roasting Dish

This holiday season serve your macaroni and cheese, stuffing, or green bean casserole in style with this elegant Swissmar Tendance medium oval roasting dish.