Farmbox Direct Makes Top-Quality Meal Hacking A Breeze

Fresh, local, seasonal... we've heard those words an awful lot lately. And for good reason: we can all agree that it's important to think about where our fruits and vegetables really come from. Hopefully are grown on a nearby farm and aren't covered in pesticides and shipped from a country outside the United States. That's not only bad for the environment, it's bad for you.

"The concept of Farmbox Direct was in my blood," says owner Ashley Tyrner, who grew up on a farm in the Midwest. But life (and a challenging career in fashion) brought her to New York City, where she struggled as a single mom who relied for a short time on food stamps. It was during this period that Ashley discovered firsthand the difficulty of finding fresh, seasonal, organic produce without making the arduous, if not often impossible, weekly trek to the local farmers market.

Inspired by her experience finding fresh food in the city, Tyrner ditched the corporate world to provide the best solution for sourcing healthy, in-season, USDA Certified Organic produce: direct delivery to your doorstep. She uses FedEx PeriShip with ice packs in biodegradable, cushioned packing material that's also insulated.

To this day she personally selects every farm, artisan, and vendor she works with. That means no pesticides or agribusiness shenanigans. Even the eggs come from cage-free chickens.

Get started by signing up now; you'll get lots of delicious and healthy foods delivered to your door. You'll even get an accompanying recipe card with each shipment for an extra dose of inspiration.