Eat Better And Save Money With These Refrigerator Tips

There are few household occurrences sadder than reaching for something to eat in your fridge and finding it covered in mold, or soaked and sticky from a container leakage.

How many times has a messy and crowded refrigerator foiled your eating plans like this? How much food is thrown in the garbage because it was unknowingly left to slowly perish behind that jar of who knows what?   

The Daily Meal reported on a study earlier this year that found that the average American wastes about $400 worth of food every year — that's enough food to provide three meals a day for 172 million people and to lift 10 times that amount out of hunger.

Keeping a clean and organized fridge will not only help you avoid dangerous cross-contamination, but it will also help to stave off bacteria growth like mold, help you save money on food, and help you be better consumer overall.

Feed your belly, not the trash, and check out these eight essential refrigerator organization techniques.