Jacqui Wedewer/ The Daily Meal

How to Make Creamy Macaroni and Cheese at Home

It comes down to more than just shredded cheese
Jacqui Wedewer/ The Daily Meal

Macaroni and cheese is a great dish to enjoy while indulging at your favorite restaurant, but it can be difficult to replicate the gooey success at home. There are a seemingly infinite number of mac and cheese recipes out there and a seemingly infinite number of add-ons that partner well with it, but one New York City cheese shop is turning out a version that’s up there with the best you’ll find anywhere.

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With a vast amount of cheeses at her disposal, Alina Stallone, the kitchen manager at Manhattan’s venerable Murray’s Cheese, chose a fairly classic lineup to add to her recipe: cheddar, Fontina and Gouda, all shredded by hand. She could have stopped there and ended up with a spectacular mac and cheese, but in order to make her recipe super creamy, she takes it one step further.

“A wonderful trick to make your mac and cheese extra luxurious is adding cubed Taleggio,” Stallone told The Daily Meal. “Because when it bakes with the pasta, it’s going to turn into little ooey-gooey pockets of delicious cheese.”

Taleggio is a semisoft, washed-rind Italian cheese that you can find at many of America’s top supermarkets. Stallone adds this cheese with the rind removed to her mac and cheese mixture twice: once while making the initial cheese sauce and again after incorporating the pasta into it.


If you thought mac and cheese couldn’t get any more delicious than what your grandma used to make, well, apparently it can. You can find the recipe from Murray’s here, and once you have all the ingredients on hand, mac and cheese is an easy recipe for a perfect home-cooked meal.