Costco's All-American Chocolate Cake Is A Bargain (And Weighs 7 Pounds)

Costco is lauded for many of the products that it sells, from its iconic rotisserie chicken to its giant $5.99 seasonal pumpkin pie, but there's another great Costco offering that you may want to look out for on your next Costco trip. The Kirkland Signature All-American Chocolate Cake is a chocoholics dream, a colossal mountain of chocolate cake, covered in chocolate frosting and topped with even more chocolate in the form of chocolate shavings. This rich dessert is not to be taken lightly!

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Each cake costs $16.99, but when you consider that it weighs a whopping 7 pounds, the price begins to sounds a lot more reasonable. But is it actually worth the hype? After all, if a cake doesn't hit the spot, why bother? No one needs seven pounds of mediocre cake in their life.

It was a Friday afternoon when The Daily Meal staff gathered around the statue-like baked good, it smelled sweet and chocolaty and was giving off pretty standard chocolate cake vibes. Yes, it was enormous, but other than that it seemed to be cake, nothing more, nothing less.

Members of the staff, each armed with a plastic fork and slab of All-American Chocolate Cake, dug in, and the general consensus throughout the room was that it was pretty good both in flavor and in value, the two of which combined make this cake seem like a great Costco purchase, if you are in the market for some chocolate cake.

Editor-in-chief Susan Houriet noted, "If you love chocolate, this is the cake for you. Dense and moist, and the chocolate shavings on the outside were a nice touch, offering a slightly different flavor along with the frosting and cake. Better than a lot of restaurant cakes at a much, much lower price. And enormous! Our crowd of 15 people barely made a dent in this tower of chocolate goodness."

Other comments on Costco's Facebook page are equally enthusiastic

"The All-American is a true bargain for a wow-worthy cake. It is rich, full of flavor, and never disappoints." said Facebook user Teresa Mayberry, while another fan, Katie Luntz Prettyman claimed "This cake is the reason we needed our own Costco card!! ;)"

So there you have it, the Costco fans have spoken, and it seems fairly clear that this All-American Chocolate cake could very well be one of the foods you should always buy at Costco!