The 27 Absolute Best Grilled Fish And Shellfish Recipes

When planning a backyard barbecue, most people's minds probably go immediately to burgers, hotdogs, and ribs. Fish and shellfish, on the other hand, are woefully overlooked when it comes to their turn on the grill. Many types of seafood actually lend themselves really well to grilling; from grilling a whole fish to skewering shrimp and even using the grill for a clambake, we have gathered our top recipes here. Even if you are a fussy fish eater, peruse these recipes for grilled clams, oysters, salmon, lobster, and so much more, and surely you will find one to enjoy this summer.

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Steaming and boiling are both so ingrained in us as the only way to cook shellfish that grilling shellfish may seem bizarre. But trust us: Once you've tried grilled clams doused in charred jalapeño butter, you'll never want to eat these little mollusks any other way. Make sure you clean your shellfish thoroughly before putting them on the grill, and discard any that don't pop open after being cooked. You'll soon see that grilling shellfish is actually the easiest way of cooking them, as well as the tastiest.

Serving up a whole fish at dinner always looks so impressive. It's definitely one of the most delicious ways to eat seafood, and it makes a striking centerpiece — and we promise it's not nearly as challenging as you may think. As long as the fishmonger prepares the fish properly for you, you simply need to stuff it with some fresh herbs, salt, pepper, and citrus, and grill it over a medium-high heat. Make sure the grill and fish are oiled and that you cook it thoroughly on one side before flipping it, to avoid the skin sticking to the grill and the fish breaking up.

Grilling is also a simple way to impart flavor onto regular fillets of fish, which can then be transformed into a healthy and tasty summer dinner. Grilled salmon, for instance, transforms a green salad into a protein-packed meal. Shred your grilled tilapia and use it to fill some spicy tacos, or serve grilled fish skewers alongside your favorite side dishes for a quick and easy summer lunch.

Hannah Hoskins and Daisy Nichols contributed to this story