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Americans Are Tired of Cooking Chicken, According to DoorDash

You've probably made this protein a handful of times
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While state by state coronavirus restrictions lift in certain parts of the country, there are still plenty of people who aren't rushing back to reopened restaurants just yet. For Americans who are still making due with home-cooked meals, there is one dish in particular that they're tired of cooking: chicken. 

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Despite all of the incredible ways there are to cook chicken, it's the No. 1 dish that people are completely over making, according to DoorDash's Deep Dish Report. In fact, 41% of Americans are sick of grilling chicken, making chicken fajitas and even frying chicken at home. What else are folks sick of cooking? Pasta and microwavable meals, which were selected by 37% or respodents.

The data comes from DoorDash, one of the nation's top food delivery services. In order to come up with these numbers, DoorDash used data from Jan. 1 to June 30, 2020 and a national consumer survey. The company's report checked popular food trends and how users ate during social distancing. The national consumer survey polled 2,000 Americans on what they cooked the most, as well as other food trends, during the coronavirus pandemic. 

In addition to chicken, respondents also said they felt bored when cooking hamburgers, hot dogs, instant noodles and casseroles.


But, despite these responses, one things remains true — chicken is one of the easiest dishes to make and is usually cooked throughout in under an hour. If you agree with the respondents of the survey, then the next time you need an easy weeknight meal, try shaking up your poultry with these chicken recipes that are far from boring