9 Sneaky Ways To Get Your Kids To Eat More Leafy Greens (Slideshow)

Purée baby greens like kale or spinach with naturally sweet mango and pineapple then add water to create the liquid base. Freeze the popsicles in traditional molds or in fun ones shaped like bugs or a ring.


For added flavor and nutrition, purée a handful of greens with your eggs before adding them to the meat mixture.


Sautéed kale, chard, and spinach can be layered into lasagna between the noodles. If you need to be a little sneakier, try blending the greens into the ricotta mixture.

Kale Chips

Curb your kid's crunchy cravings with kale chips. Toss chopped kale leaves (they must be dry) with olive oil, salt, pepper, and a touch of honey (optional) then bake them (in a single layer) at 250 degrees F for about 25 minutes, or until crisp.


Quinn (a farm-to-bag popcorn company) makes a great kale and sea salt popcorn.  Dehydrated kale adds a super-cool, kid-friendly green coating to the popcorn along with tons of good-for-you nutrients.


Delightfully refreshing and antioxidant-packed, green smoothies are a breeze. Just toss a handful of greens in the blender with a few of your child's favorite frozen fruits. 

Fruit Snacks

There are lots of options for vegetable-added fruit snacks. Organic Veggie-Go's, for example, have no added sugar but lots of added spinach.


A flavorful addition to pasta, roasted broccoli, eggs and more, purée homemade or store-bought pesto with a handful of frozen, defrosted greens (like spinach) to add some extra green. 


Be a bit of a schemer the next time your mash up an avocado for guacamole; chop fresh greens along with your cilantro for a simple, sneaky boost.