9 Safety Tips For Your Fourth Of July BBQ

9 Safety Tips for Your Fourth of July BBQ

Stay safe this Fourth of July with these easy-to-follow grilling tips.

Check Your Grill for Leaks

If you have a propane grill, make sure you give it a thorough inspection at the beginning of grilling season. If you're not sure what to check, watch this video on how to check you grill for leaks.

Clean Your Grill

Grease and grime can build up in the trays below your grill and contribute to fires. Make sure you know how to give your grill a serious start-of-season cleaning and then keep it clean by scraping the grates and cleaning the trays each time you use the grill.

Choose the Right Location

Propane and charcoal grills should only be used outdoors. Be sure to place them well away from your home, deck railings, and overhanging branches. As a general rule, keep the grill at least five feet or more from anything that could catch fire.

Choose the Right Tools

Make sure you always grill with long-handled grilling tools to keep hands and arms as far away from the fire as possible. 

Restrict Access to the Grill

We all know to keep kids and pets away from the grill, but adults can cause grilling-related accidents too, especially if alcohol is involved. Keep the number of people that are gathered around the grill to a minimum and stay alert, always watching for loose hair or clothing that could accidentally catch fire.

Keep All Flammable Items Away From the Grill

Make sure that any matches and lighter fluid are stored far away from the grill (and out of the reach of children or pets) once the grill is lit. And make sure that other items that could catch fire (like oven mitts or kitchen towels) are a safe distance from the grill as you cook. 

Know How to Handle Flare-Ups

If you have a charcoal grill, flare-ups can be an issue; they're caused by fat that renders from the food and drips into the fire below. Don't douse flare-ups with water; instead, create two cooking zones on your grill (by piling all the coals to one side of your grill) and move the food to the side of the grill that has no flames when flare-ups happen.

Never Leave the Grill Unattended

Leave the grill under the supervision of a responsible adult at all times. Even if you're just running into the kitchen to grab another bottle of barbecue sauce, ask someone to keep an eye on the fire and nearby people or pets.

Have a Fire Extinguisher Handy

As an extra precaution, always keep a fire extinguisher easily accessible in case you have an unexpected fire-related emergency.