8 Unusual Herbs To Grow This Season Slideshow

Chocolate Mint

A perennial with the sweet smell of a peppermint patty, chocolate mint makes an excellent addition to mixed drinks, teas, and chocolaty desserts.

Lemon Basil

With a citrusy scent and a spicy edge, lemon basil is a pungent plant that works beautifully when layered in salads or mixed into sauces and cocktails.

Conehead Thyme

Boasting lovely purple blooms and a peppery jalapeño flavor, conehead thyme can spice up stir-fries and add gusto to breads and marinated meats.

Lemon Verbena

With natural therapeutic properties, lemon verbena is a smart way to add a citrusy twist to a range of foods, gin- and vodka-based cocktails, and fruit sorbets. 

Purple Sage

With a spicier quality than regular sage, this purple variety will add a vibrant color pop to salads and can pep up roasts, vegetable dishes, and stuffings. 


Common in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines, marjoram has a mild, sweet flavor with a hint of balsam, and can pleasantly complement savory recipes. 

Thai Basil

Native to Southeast Asia, Thai basil features a sweet licorice scent and distinct taste. The small, aromatic leaves are commonly used to enhance ethnic dishes.