8 Delicious Asian Dumpling Recipes (Slideshow)

A collection of mouth-watering Asian dumpling recipes



Bao or Baozi, refers to a style of steamed and stuffed buns popular in a variety of Chinese culinary traditions. They can be filled with anything from meat and vegetables, to bean paste and custard. 

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Aushak is a traditional Central Asian dumpling dish of Afghani origin. They are typically filled with scallions and tomato sauce. 

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Momo dumplings are commonly found in the Himalayan region that borders India, Nepal, Tibet, and China. They are commonly stuffed with meat or vegetables. 

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Wonton is a style of dumpling that are commonly found in Chinese cuisine. They are often added to soups, but can also be served on their own. They are especially delicious when fried.

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Mandu is a Korean dumpling that, much like their other Asian counterparts, can be filled with various meats and vegetables. 

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There are many variations on dumplings in Chinese cuisine and their filling and preparation depends largely on the region that inspired the recipe. Jiaozi is a very common form of Chinese dumpling that is found in both the northern and southern regions of China. 

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Gyoza is the Japanese version of the Chinese Jiaozi, which is also a cousin of the Momo. Gyoza often contain a strong garlic flavor, and can be boiled, steamed, or fried.

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Shu Mai (or Siu Mai) dumplings are another Chinese variety of the dumpling that is commonly filled with pork, but can be found with other fillings according to where or at what time of the year they are made.

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