7 Smart Ways To Make Your Favorite Sandwich Healthier

Nearly anything can be slid between two slices of bread and labeled a sandwich, but the sandwiches we dream up may not always be the healthiest. 

Making a "healthy" sandwich doesn't mean you have to be restrictive or be forced to eat cardboard. We're not trying to knock bread, meat, sauces, or even fats (a little bacon is A-OK in my book).

You can still use mayonnaise, and you can still pile on the meat, but making an effort to choose better ingredients — and using them in moderation — will help you feel good after your meal.

There is no "one size fits all" diet regimen. Some people can process fats better than others, while for some, even looking at a slice bread will add on a few pounds. All bodies and digestive systems work differently, and you should choose a diet that tailors to your individual needs and sensitivities.

Nevertheless, here are a few awesome, easy, and general tips for making a healthier sandwich.