6 Recipes That Go Together for Valentine's Day

Beet Carpaccio with Blue Cheese Mousse

A few simple ingredients come together to make a exciting blue cheese mousse that adds the perfect amount of tang to the beet's subtle flavor. 

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Pistachio and Goat Cheese Crusted Lamb Chops

A blend of fresh oregano and salty pistachio nuts proves to be the perfect crust to a tender lamb chop in this recipe, and it's the perfect finishing note to the Beet Carpaccio salad. 

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Ricotta and Pea Ravioli with Creamy Tomato Sauce

There's no better way to show someone you love them than by making handmade ravioli. Filled with ricotta and peas, the creamy tomato sauce is the perfect finishing sauce. 

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Theo's Chocolate Mousse

It wouldn't be Valentine's Day without a little chocolate, and this mousse recipe spells decadence, and at little work for you. 

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Strawberry Salad with Basil and Balsmic

Molly Aronica

The beauty of this salad is the mingling of flavors: fresh herbs, tangy balsamic, and sweet strawberries. It's the perfect accompaniment to your rich, chocolate mousse. 

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Cheesy Garlic Bread

What better way to sop up your ravioli's creamy tomato sauce than with a bite of this garlic bread? Just make sure you bring some gum to the table.

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