Expat Fried Rice Recipe from 5 Recipes That Are Keepers (Slideshow)

5 Recipes That Are Keepers (Slideshow)

Christopher Testani
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Expat Fried Rice Recipe

"When Kathy told her friend Ginny about this cookbook and the kind of dishes we planned to include, she immediately offered up her fried rice recipe. A single mom and news editor who worked and traveled in Asia for more than 20 years, she knows a thing or two about getting a fast, fuss-free meal on the table.

She uses leftover meat or fish (salmon is a favorite) — but you can also start with raw and cook it in the pan before you add the rice. The thyme is an unusual addition that Ginny calls a delicious accidental discovery. What’s more, she felt compelled to clarify two things: It’s oyster sauce, not soy sauce, that belongs in fried rice (otherwise, it’s like a "salt lick"), and don’t just serve it for dinner; it makes a great weekend breakfast."

— Caroline Campion

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