5 Organic Desserts (Slideshow)

Choose organic sugars and flours whenever possible

Organic Baked Pears

These warm, cooked pears have a surprise in the middle: a pool of light syrup made of honey and whiskey that livens up the dessert, and adds richness to the fruit.

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Reduced Fat Key Lime Pie

Homemade crust is easy to make with this recipe. It's the perfect way to end a meal. 

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Orange Olive Oil Cake

All year round, there’s a citrus fruit in season. In September, it’s the Valencia varietal, which is typically used for making orange juice. Make a classic Italian dessert that melds the flavors of sweet oranges, robust almonds, and rich olive oil. This cake calls for a light homemade organic Orange Whipped Cream for dessert.

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Homemade Chocolate Pudding

In almost no time, you will have a homemade pudding your kids and guests will love! It is easy to save for leftovers as another dessert or snack option. 

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Whipped Orange Cream


This easy-to-make whipping cream incorporates the orange-infused simple syrup made in the Orange Olive Oil cake for a delicate sweetness. The result is airy and creamy.

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