3 Delicious Snacks You Can Make With Acai

Acai berry is a delicious berry that is richer in antioxidants than raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries. Most people don't eat acai berries as you would other fruit such as blueberries, so you can incorporate it into different healthy snacks. Keep reading to find out ways to use acai berries.

Acai and Beet Smoothie

The benefits of beets are huge: They help to purify the blood, enhance circulation, and support the kidneys... and that's just the beginning. Unfortunately, not everyone likes beets. This recipe leans on the inherent sweetness and creaminess of roasted beets, but is balanced with citrus and acai flavors. A delicious and unique healthy treat. — Superfood Smoothie

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Ancient Energy Bites

If you are on the go or want a sweet and healthy snack, try these healthy bites. Fueling your body with raw ingredients will give you the most energy when you're running around. — Sambazon

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Traditional Rio Smoothie Bowl

Have you ever tried a smoothie bowl? Here is a new take on your drinkable smoothie that tops a delicious smoothie with granola and fresh fruit such as acai.

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